Supply and delivery cost

Conditions of delivery
The consequence of making the order and verification of the contract is the delivery of goods to the recipient. Shipping is done after the completion of all the ingredients available and verification of payment / payment method. Keep in mind that the speed of delivery is a component of the time of departure and time of delivery by the Polish Post / courier.
We try to realize the shipment within 24 hours of ordering. Order processing takes place from Monday to Friday.

Delivery costs in Poland courier DPD parcel to 5kg - 15,00zł

Shipment abroad have to be confirmed and discussed early with us!


VAT invoices

  1. For each purchased product in the store, VAT invoice may be attached on the costumer request.
  2. It is allowed to send e-invoices no later than the seventh day after release of the goods.
  3. The buyer at the time of delivery is obliged to check whether the sales document was attached to the shipment. In the absence of proof of purchase customer is obliged to inform about this by e-mail or phone the shop.
  4. In the case of purchasing by entrepreneurs in order to obtain a VAT invoice, in order should indicate the name, ID number and exact address of the entrepreneur.
  5. Regulation of the Minister of Finance dated 25 May 2005. (Journal of Laws No. 95, item. 798), concerning, among others rules for VAT invoices relieve the seller and buyer of the requirement for signatures on a VAT invoice, and consequently also the obligation to have the authority to give VAT invoices without the signature of the buyer (§ 9 section 1).
  6. Correction of the invoice are possible after prior sending back with registered letter the original correction note.