Painting Studio Art

Since 1983, we Painting Studio Art ArtWilk so appreciative of all the wonderful beauty supply items that please the eye. Our passion is the realization of exceptional works - beautiful jewelry, glass ornaments, Easter eggs, images, and more.

Hand-painted easter eggs

na naturalnych wydmuszkach, szkle i drewnie.


Everything is created in our workshop is painted by hand. We paint what inspires us and delights - the beauty of nature and the landscape. Thanks to the experience and cooperation of the whole team of artists created items, which undoubtedly are popular.


Jewelry is one of our specialties. We give it an unusual appearance by intriguing decorations - each piece is unique.

Painted stones

Each stone bears a secret. For thousands of years the elements worked on his shape. Painting try to discover it.


In our gallery are organized periodically workshops. All interested are welcome! More information can be found in the news.

Cards and passes

Hand-painted cards and passes

For home

The offer includes trunks and wooden boxes, candlesticks, napkin holders, cabinets for keys, bookmarks and other decorative elements.